Choosing Wholesale Sandwich Suppliers

wholesale sandwich supplier

Choosing Wholesale Sandwich Suppliers

If you own a corner shop or a retail outlet, or you run a service station, or organise the cold food offering at a school, chances are you sell sandwiches. Or at least you’re thinking about selling sandwiches and are currently searching for the best wholesale sandwich suppliers in the North. Congratulations you found us.

Of course, at Northern Bites, we don’t just sell sandwiches. We also provide wraps, subs and paninis too, which are all packed to the brim with delicious fillings, making them the perfect food to grab for lunch.

But our tasty fillings are just one of the reasons that businesses and schools choose Northern Bites when they’re looking for wholesale sandwich suppliers.

We’re also loved for:

Our great range of products

Our menu is packed full of good stuff. Our team of chefs only use fresh, top-quality ingredients in all our products. From authentic Chicken Tikka sandwiches and first-to-market Lebanese Chicken sandwiches for the meat lovers, to plant-based Chicken and Jalapeno paninis for your vegan customers and Mexican Bean & Sweet Potato Wraps for the vegetarian customer: at Northern Bites we cater for all type of customers and those with special dietary requirements. We also offer gluten-free options too.

Our hands-on customer service

Whatever type of business you run, we want your food-to-go offering to be successful. And we want your customers to keep coming back for more. So we work closely with all our stockists to ensure you have the right mix of products, whether that’s mostly sandwiches or mostly wraps or a mixture. Not forgetting our savoury snacks such as our Indian Selection which tastes incredible and guaranteed to fly off the shelves.

We can also send you a whole range of Northern Bites branding materials too, such as colourful shelf strips and posters. Need an extra boost in sales? We’re happy to work with you on special promotional campaigns too.

Our recyclable packaging

We hate plastic and we care about the environment. So over 90% of our packaging is either made from recycled materials or is recyclable. But we want to do more. We aim to get this to 100% by 2024. We also offer an extra-life packaging option. It’s recyclable and our sandwiches stay fresh for even longer.

Our halal food

We’re proud to say that all the sandwiches, wraps, subs, paninis and savoury snacks we serve are halal. Always have been and always will be. And because the kitchen in our Halifax factory only deals with halal ingredients there’s absolutely no risk of cross contamination.

Our hygiene and food safety record 

We have the highest standards at Northern Bites and are well known for our food safety record. We’re SALSA accredited: a robust and effective food safety certification scheme for food producers and suppliers.

It means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that all our products are made, stored and transported under strict food safety standards.

Our sandwich experience

We’ve been making fresh tasty sandwiches since 2003 and we’re still going strong. In fact, we’ve grown considerably, employing more people from the local area and getting a name for ourselves throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire and beyond for producing high quality sandwiches. So we know what customers love. And we know what your customers will love.

Our commitment to our community

The role we play in our local community is really important to us. We employ and train local people. And we donate food to local causes and community fridges across the North.

We also work closely with all the businesses that stock our range of products to ensure we continue to be one of the best wholesale sandwich suppliers in the area. We’re here to help you keep your customers happy and boost your sales.


Interested in being a Northern Bites stockist? Give us a buzz.