Finding a sandwich supplier for your next event?

cyclists enjoying sandwiches

Looking for a sandwich supplier for your next business meeting or corporate shindig? Not sure which supplier to choose? Before you put your sandwich order in, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions: 

Do they offer a great range of sandwiches?  

If you’re looking for a sandwich supplier for your event or meeting, opt for a food business that offers a wide range of sandwiches. Especially if you want to keep everyone happy. Without fail, you’ll have people rocking up who have special dietary requirements. And sometimes more than one. You may have attendees who only eat gluten-free sandwiches. Or only halal meat. Or those who are following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. 

So you need a sandwich maker who can cater for all kinds of dietary requirements. All our sandwiches, wraps, paninis and subs are halal. And we have amazing vegan and vegetarian options too. Take a look at our plant-based All Day Breakfast sandwich, our Mexican Bean & Sweet Potato Wrap, or our Indian-style Street Food wraps. And if you want a gluten-free option, just let us know.

Are they packed with flavours and freshly made? 

We’ve all been to those corporate events and business meetings where ‘lunch’ has tuned out to be trays and trays of tiny bland sandwiches with curled up corners, or limp warm salads and skinny tasteless wraps. Nothing’s worse. If you want your guests, teams or staff to be engaged all day, you need to serve up tasty food at lunch. And that means freshly made sandwiches, packed with loads of flavoursome fillings. 

At Northern Bites, all our fillings pack a punch and are made in small batches, using fresh, top quality ingredients. Our deliciously moist Chicken Tikka sandwich, slightly spicy Piri Piri Chicken sandwich or even our lamb samosas, served with minty homemade chutney, taste incredible and are guaranteed to go down well. What’s more we don’t skimp on the fillings either. We fill them to the brim, so every mouthful is a good one. 

Do I get value for money?

It may be tempting to buy cheap, cheap, cheap when it comes to sandwiches. But if half of your lunch is left uneaten and your team is complaining about still being hungry, it’s not a good use of your catering budget.

We know businesses always have an eye on costs and the bottom line. Which is why we keep our prices keen and competitive for our customers. We’re committed to selling top quality products, at a reasonable and affordable price. It’s why we have customers who order from us year after year.  

Is the food made in good conditions? 

It’s easy to order food for a business meeting but not really think about where it comes from. But you should. Where were the sandwiches made? What were the conditions like? Is it a hygienic environment? And how about the welfare of the staff? What are their working conditions like? 

At Northern Bites, all our sandwiches, wraps, paninis and subs are handmade in the kitchens at our Halifax factory by our team of long-standing employees, from our chefs to food production operatives.

Our standards are high. And it’s because of this we always pass food safety audits with flying colours. We’re SALSA approved too: a robust and effective food safety certification scheme for food producers and suppliers.

So when you order anything from our sandwiches menu, you can rest easy knowing every single sarnie has been made and packed with love and to the highest standards possible.

What does this sandwich supplier do for their community or the environment? 

And finally. If you’re the kind of business that takes your corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously. Or you’re committed to diversity, inclusion, and equality. Or you have an environmental policy in place, it’s worth extending that to your suppliers too. 

At Northern Bites, we’re very much at the heart of our community in Halifax. We’re proud to recruit and train people who live locally.  

At the moment, at least 90% of our packaging is fully recyclable. But by 2024, we aim to have 100% of our packaging fully recyclable. 

And we believe everyone deserves a bite to eat. Which is why we donate food to local causes and are working to build partnerships with community fridges across the North of England, starting in Halifax. 

So if you’re in charge of catering and you’re ordering food for your work-related functions: from business meetings, working lunches and corporate events to team get-togethers and training and induction days, choose a sandwich supplier who offers delicious sandwiches, wraps, subs and paninis at the right price. And one who cares about their community and employees too. Give Northern Bites a buzz now.