Pre-Packaged Sandwiches for Universities

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Fresh thinking on prepacked sandwiches for universities

University catering managers know the importance of keeping a simple yet diverse food menu for students living away from home. Students would live off Pot Noodle 24/7 if it meant being able to party harder and longer.

But constant Pot Noodle, with its bucketfuls of empty calories in the shape of maltodextrin and other stuff you won’t find in a field, doth not a healthy diet make.

This is where prepacked sandwiches for universities come in. They’re fast, convenient and a great filler in between lectures. Or parties.

But too often, those prepacked sandwiches are short on flavour, long on preservatives and skimpy on filling. They can also be expensive, which is not a great selling point when students are already forking out a penny or two on tuition fees.

Wholesale sandwich wedges

So welcome to Northern Bites, an affordable wholesale sandwich supplier that’s a breath of fresh air blowing through the fridges of universities everywhere.

Wholesale prepacked sandwich wedges, footlong sub rolls, wraps, salads, and ethnic snacks, including chicken biryani and ready-to-heat paninis, have been our bread and butter for 20 years now. So to speak.

Being from Yorkshire, we insist on doing stuff right. When it comes to prepackaged sandwiches for university customers, that means no mucky paste, top-quality mayonnaise, and fillings that actually fill, i.e. go right to the crust. And sometimes beyond.

Considering Muslims make up almost 10% of the UK student population (that’s approx 255,000 students!), we’re proud of the fact that all our products are Halal, and because we only handle Halal ingredients on-site, there’s no risk of cross-contamination. We also offer a tasty selection of veggie and vegan options too, including our All Day Breakfast sandwich made with vegan sausage and our plant-based Chicken & Jalapeños with Vegan tex mex cheese panini.

Top marks for onboarding and integration

Crucially for university customers, we’re incredibly flexible with our ordering, delivery and billing processes and work to the requirements of each individual university. So whether you want price-marked or non-price-marked products, delivery one day a week or seven days a week, invoicing daily or monthly, we do what works for you.

Our NPD team also work closely with university catering managers to proactively develop on-trend products and fillings.

Don’t take our word for it

We’ve been supplying our Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) customers with our taste-packed wholesale sandwich sandwiches, sub rolls and wraps for some time now and haven’t had a word of complaint.

The Manchester Met students love us not just cos we keep their bellies full with scrummy chicken sarnies, but because our food comes with a side order of planet-saving ethics.

Recyclable sandwich packaging

Yep, students love a good cause, and 90% of our packaging is recyclable, with Extra Life packaging that prolongs shelf life even more. That’s a figure we’re aiming to raise to 100% this year. We also donate food to worthy causes in our native West Yorkshire, so our consciences are as clear as our sarnies are full.

What’s not to love?

If you run a busy university catering department and you’re looking for a proven wholesale sandwich supplier you can trust, maybe bear us in mind? Feel free to explore our range and then get in touch if you require samples of any products.