Why Catering Managers Love Our Proper Tasty Products

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When they do owt in Yorkshire, whether that’s mekking a brew (ey up, Yorkshire Tea), sandwiches, sub rolls, wraps or tea cakes, it has to be reet. And at Northern Bites, because we make thousands a week, we blummin’ well know when they’re right and when they’re not – as do Northern catering managers who we’ve been supplying for decades.

Sandwich Suppliers for Catering Managers

Truth is, as sandwich suppliers to catering managers in Yorkshire, we know exactly what Yorkshire folk are looking for from the humble sandwich. They want their catering food simple and honest, just like our values of honesty, simplicity and quality. And if their sandwich happens to be affordable, so much the better.

Not that we’re saying sandwich-buying Yorkshire folk have short arms and deep pockets. Well, ‘appen we are. But every little helps these days, right?

Fact is, if you’re a manager in the catering industry looking for a new freshly prepared sandwich and snacks supplier in Yorkshire, your business needs a good reason to switch. And we’ve got plenty.

Halal Catering Sandwiches

First up, every sandwich from our huge range is bursting with flavour. They’re packed to the brim (and the crust) with good food. None of this southern-shandy-drinking, three-bits-of-cress-and-a-smattering-of-paste and we’re done nonsense. And although we’re proud of our Yorkshire heritage, our menu has taken inspiration from all over the world – such as our Chicken Shawarma wrap, Mexican Bean & Sweet Potato Wrap, Chicken Biryani and Indian Selection pack.

All our catering sandwiches are halal, helping catering managers to take a bigger bite out of the £4.5 billion UK halal food market.

Each sandwich is prepared on-site by our own team of chefs and delivered to catering outlets serving the North of England in a fleet of temperature-controlled vans. So all our catering food stays fresh, just as it should do.

Sustainable sandwich supplier

Because we focus on our local stomping ground – Yorkshire, with occasional forays over to the Dark Side (Lancashire, Cumbria) – there’s less distance for the food to travel. So we spend less on fuel, which makes us a more sustainable sandwich supplier.

Staying local to Northern businesses also means we understand local sandwich tastes much better. Not that we’ll be preparing any ‘mucky fat’ butties (that’s lard, or bread-and-dripping to you and me) for any of our sandwich customers. And yes, they really are a thing.

By ‘eck no: all our freshly prepared catering sandwiches, subs and wraps come filled with quality ingredients, like Branston pickle and premium top-quality mayo. We make them in small, handmade batches to suit, and then we ship ‘em out to our catering customers in service stations, education, and other retail sites.

Sandwiches, Wraps and More

So what’s on the menu? Catering sandwiches come in a choice of white, oatmeal or malted bread with over ten SKUs across a range of fillings. You can order price-marked packs, too, and extended-life options to control any wastage (although our product quality tends to take care of limiting wastage).

Subs? You get a choice of white or brown bread and 12” or 9” options. Choose from more than ten SKUs, including grilled chicken.

We’ve got seven wraps on the menu with new flavours and fillings in development, along with a range of ethnic snacks.

And, of course, every product comes in recyclable packaging – with the option of price-marked or non-price-marked packs.

All of which, we reckon, is reet grand. So support your local sandwich suppliers and hit us up on 0800 270 7863 to talk over getting some great-value, flavour-packed catering onto your shelves.