Why Northern Bites should be your sandwich supplier

Sandwich supplier

Sandwich suppliers, there are a few of them out there. Which is hardly surprising, considering just how blummin’ brilliant sandwiches are.

But you know what they say, the more choice you have, the more difficult the decision. And the sandwich industry is no exception:

Should I go for a sandwich or a wrap? Or maybe a panini? What flavour should I have? Does this one have any allergens? Is there a vegan option? How sustainable is the packaging? Is this worth the extra 50p?

Choosing the right sandwich, it’s a veritable minefield. And what if you’re not after just one sandwich, but a hundred, a thousand — or even more? Commercial operations like businesses, service stations, schools and hospitals — all the industries we work with — have it even harder when it comes to choosing their sandwich suppliers.

But don’t worry, the days of indecision are done. Us Northern Bites bods are all about taking the stress out of — and putting the simplicity into — which sandwich supplier you should choose.

Here’s why we’re a proper good sandwich supplier.  

A bite for any type

Whether meat, fish, veggie or vegan, we have something for everyone. Our fillings are prepped by perfectionist chefs who make sure every product is packed to the brim with mouthwatering ingredients. Yep, at Northern Bites we do full flavour, not half measures.

And we don’t just do sandwiches, either. You’ll find our fillings in subs, wraps, rolls and savoury snacks, so when the thought of settling down with a sarnie isn’t quite doing it for you (madness, we know, but it does happen), you can always tuck into a Northern Bite.

No-guilt grub

More and more, our customers are asking about sustainability. We’re hearing it from our individual customers and commercial partners — they want their sandwich supplier to use sustainable packaging so they can enjoy guilt-free grub.

And we totally get it. We’ve made sustainable packaging a huge priority for us, not least because the UK eats about 3,000,000,000 sandwiches a year. That’s a lot of zeroes — and a lot of packaging. So for the past couple of years, 70% of our packaging has been fully recyclable, and we’re aiming to make that 100% by 2023.

This is a proper community effort

In the near-20 years we’ve been making beautiful butties, baguettes, wraps and snacks, we’ve gone from one man in a van to a team of dozens working out of spotless, SALSA-approved premises.

But while we’ve grown, we’ve also stayed true to our roots. As born-and-bre(a)d Northerners, we like to recruit locally and offer employment in areas where opportunities are sometimes hard to come by.

We also think that paying back means paying it forward, so we donate food to local charities and initiatives, including the Halifax Community Fridge (which you can find out about here).

Northern Bites: a sandwich supplier that makes total sense

From the sheer range of fillings and foods on offer to the ethical way we make them, Northern Bites is the straight-up sensible choice for your sandwich supplier.

Want to find out for yourself? Then clickety-click right here and become a Northern Bites stockist today. Trust us, you won’t regret it — and neither will your customers.