Why We’re Top Of The Class For Universities

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Children, as they say, are the future. And while us middle-aged sandwich, snack and catering suppliers still think we have a part to play in shaping the world, we do understand the importance of keeping the next generation of industry leaders, content creators and expert butty makers properly nourished. 

So, calling all universities and school caterers: here’s why when it comes to giving your students the sustenance they need for their education, all signs point Northern. 


Our food to go might be fast, but it leaves a lasting impression

Our sandwiches, subs, salads and snacks are a students’ dream, by which we mean they’re proper tasty and there’s no cooking required. Perfect combo, especially for late-night revision sessions and between-lecture snacking. 

But even better, because we insist on using quality ingredients (and our head chef really does insist on it, in a do-it-or-I’ll-quit kinda way) your students will get a meal that nourishes and sustains them throughout their day’s (and night’s) work. Better food goes in, better grades come out. At least, that’s the theory. 

We’re talking food to go heavy with fresh, nutritious and colourful ingredients — not sad sandwiches where the ‘fillings’ barely cover a postage stamp. What’s more, by early 2024 we’ll be unveiling our new snacking range, a quick but satisfying and healthy option for your busy worker bees/party animals. 

All of which means that, with Northern Bites, your students’ bellies will be full so their brains can focus on their education — advancing the fields of economics, engineering… and YouTube gaming channels. 


We cater for all dietary requirements

We’re an inclusive bunch at Northern Bites, and we know that the move towards food that doesn’t moo, cluck or bleat means that food suppliers have to cater for all kinds of dietary requirements. Quite right, too.

That’s why in the Northern Bites larder you’ll find vegetarian and vegan options. You’ll find salads, savoury snacks, hot food and ready meals for those who want to give bread the heave-ho. 

And you’ll find an international range of delicious flavours, including shawarma wraps and our upcoming Lebanese chicken sandwich — a first-to-market exclusive. Ideal for British university students wanting to educate their taste buds, or for when overseas students want a taste of home. 

Not forgetting, of course, we’re the number one choice for halal food to go. All of our meat, including the fresh chicken we insist on using instead of pre-cooked, is prepared according to halal standards,, carried out by skilled butchers who make sure animal suffering is minimised while keeping to Islamic tradition. 


Food that sustains. Food that champions sustainability.

There’s a reason the word ‘sustainability’ is everywhere, and it’s not because marketing teams insist on slapping it on every label they can get their hands on (well, not just because of that). 

Truth is, we’re all waking up to the fact that we must do more to protect and preserve our planet. And because young people really are the future, they’re more invested in sustainability than anyone. (75% of Gen Zs think sustainability is more important than brand names.)

Makes sense, then, that if our customers care about eating sustainable sandwiches and snacks, we care about making them. Over the past few years, we’ve made 90% of our packaging fully recyclable, and we’re aiming to make that 100% by early 2024. 

On top of that, we regularly donate food to those in need across West Yorkshire, including the Halifax Community Fridge, so when you feed your students with our sandwiches, subs, paninis and snacks, you’re also helping us feed those who have fallen on hard times. 


Check out the menu

So here it is in a nutshell: you trust in us to feed your pupils and students and we’ll give your school or university great food to go that…

  • Is great value both in quality and price (essential during the cost of living crisis)
  • Is packed full of fresh ingredients to satisfy any student
  • Caters for veggies, vegans and halal dietary requirements
  • Comes in sustainable packaging
  • Helps nourish students — and those struggling in our communities


Want to try before you buy? Take a look at our range of Northern Bites products, where you’ll find a moreish menu of sandwich platters, subs, snack pots, ready meals and salads. 

And if the pics pique your interest, get in touch and we’ll send some samples. The worst that’ll happen is that you get some delicious freebies for your staff room. Now that’s a food offer you can’t refuse.

Get in touch and we’ll make a promise: when it comes to being a premium education food supplier, we’ll be your star pupil.